Serengeti 2

Yay! Another sleep in before a later (8.00am) start. Anorther full day game drive with picnic lunch.

Serengeti Sopa Lodge is one of the first of the lodges to be built but, while not quite as modern and crisply smart as the earlier lodges, the environment is very relaxing and, as always, the staff attentive and helpful. After a substantial breakfast we’re off again.

A short drive down from the lodge and we encounter the first herd of elephant. A little further and we cross a small river. As we approach the river, a swirl of water at the far bank and a log disappears. Crocodile! And so it goes throughout the day.

ServalIMG 4522

The antelope and gazelles are all out feeding as we head back to check out the leopard kill. Sija thinks it may have returned to the tree after the baboons havd gone to their trees the previous night. No sign at the tree so we head on to where the lions were resting the previous day.  Arriving, we find the lions gone but other safari cars parked up. The leopard has been spotted high in an acacia about 700m away. Not able to get good shots, Sija returns again to the “kill tree” where we have a clear view back to where the leopard is resting. Still a long way off, but with Marilyn’s 600mm telephoto, we get some shots of him (her?) sleeping, legs dangling and tail lashing from time to time. Sija certainly knows how to find us good viewing positions!


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