If it’s Sunday, it must be Ngorongoro! 

We travelled from the Tarangire National Park to the Lodge at Ngorongoro on Saturday, arriving at the lip of the crater just on sunset. Just time for a few photos from the viewing platform, then the final 15Km along the crater rim  road in the dark. This final leg of the journey was along a dirt road which would make the roughest unsealed road in WA seem like a highway! (For the Miles clan, imagine the Wood Road at it’s worst  but about 10 times worse!)

A more relaxed 8.00am start the following morning followed by a 10 minute drive saw us in the crater itself. Ngorongoro is the largest intact volcanic caldera crater (on land) in the world and the crater floor and walls provide a wide range of habitat- lake, swamp, steppe grassland, cloud forest and acacia woodland. Like Tarangire, the animal life includes antelope and gazelle, lion, hyaena, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo and more.

A highlight was finding a pride of 15 lions. Gasps of joy, excitement and awe interspersed with the click of shutters! Awesome!

Lunch was a picnic alongside a small lake which was home to about 20 hippo.

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