A late night departure from Perth followed by 11 hours in the air sees us arrive into Hamad International airport in Qatar at 5.15am, local time. A short transfer to the Oryx Rotana hotel and sleep! We don’t sleep well on planes (Oh for an upgrade or a win on the Lottery!), so decided to break the trip by having a stopover in Doha before the flight down to Kilimanjaro International airport in Tanzania.

Doha is a modern city with a population of around 2 million - a large step up fom the 250 recorded at the founding of the settlement as an offshoot of Al Bidda in 1820. When Qatar became  an independent country in 1971, Doha became the capital city.


The flight was well serviced and the food better than some carriers we have travelled with in recent years, but, as with all long haul flights, it was difficult to sit comfortably for 11 hours and we were glad to get off. Through customs then onto the shuttle bus to the hotel, passing around the perimeter of the airport. The Rotana is a little way out of the city, though we could see the commercial centre in the distance as we travelled. Getting out of the bus, we were hit by a wave of hot, dry air - 45 degrees! 

After Check-in and a quick refresh in the room, we headed to “Choices” for breakfast. Marilyn had eaten only a yoghurt on the flight ( I managed a little more!!!!) so the buffet took a bit of a hammering! 

A short stroll around the hotel (too hot to venture out to the pool)and back to the room to rest ready for another early start tomorrow. Early morning wake up at 5.00am (10.00am Perth time) then the 6 hour flight down to Arusha. 

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